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There are no currently scheduled screenings of The Lower Plateau.
We have previously screened at:

Windsor International Film Festival (Windsor, ON - November 2019)
CineFAM Film Festival (Toronto, ON - September 2019)
Women Texas Film Festival (Dallas, TX - August 2019)
Art is Alive Film Festival (New York, NY - August 2019)
Bechdel Film Festival (Akron, OH - May 2019)
Transparent Film Festival (New York, NY - April 2019)
Lift Off Sessions (Online)
Metro Film & TV Awards (Online)
Guerrilla Movie Making Awards (Online)
Lux Magna Festival (Montreal, QC - January 2019)
Montréal World Film Festival (Montreal, QC -August 2018)
If you've seen the film, we would love it if you reviewed it on our IMDB page.
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